A chapel built within the fort is dedicated to São Tiago - Saint James - the patron
saint of the Portuguese army. Today, much of the fortress and the chapel have
been preserved as part of the Pousada de São Tiago.
Wedding or blessing ceremonies can be arranged.

A famous landmark in Macau, the Chapel of St. James was built in the Barra Fort in 1740, and was dedicated to St. James, a saint worshipped by the Portuguese army at that time.

According to urban legend, the statue of St. James was believed to have patrolled the grounds where the soldiers slept at night. In the morning, the soldiers would discover mud on the statue’s boots, and so one soldier was assigned to polish them every day. On one particular occasion, it was said that a lazy soldier got hit on the head by the saint. To this day, this myth is still celebrated at the Chapel on July 25 every year.

The Chapel underwent renovation in 1978 and has since become an important landmark, adjoining Pousada de São Tiago’s reception area and cocktail lounge.


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