12 luxurious and exclusive suites overlook the Inner Harbour of Macau
and the Pearl River Delta.

Pousada de São Tiago offers total comfort, luxury and exclusivity to its guests with 12 spacious suites. Each suite has a balcony overlooking the picturesque Inner Harbour of Macau and the Pearl River Delta. Tucked away from the bustling Macau, guests can thoroughly relax and unwind from the day’s stress in their private residence.

All suites are decorated with plush and quality furnishings to provide exquisite comfort for guests. In-room amenities include a 40 inches B&O television with surround sound effect, a modern lush bathroom with 60cm rainforest shower, steam room and “in mirror” bathroom TV. Guests can also enjoy complimentary in-room movies, free mini bar and internet access.


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